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When you sign up for our free donation pick up service, you'll get fast and simple donation pick up right at your curb.

Not only that, but your donations also support one of the nation's biggest veterans charities: the Vietnam Veterans of America.

Here's how our service works:

  1. Enter your email address and physical address into our system. We'll email you several days in advance when our trucks will be in your neighborhood.
  2. Package up the items you wish to donate into boxes, label them "for VVA," and leave them on the curb.
  3. Our drivers will pick up your used items on their route!

Three Steps to Support US Veterans

Step One: Sign up for our Email List

Once you sign up, we'll be able to let you know when we're coming! And getting reminders by email is environmentally friendly. Your information stays with us -- we promise. Privacy is essential in our agreement with our donors.

Step Two: Receive your Reminder Email

Our advance-notice system is what sets us apart from other donation services! You no longer need to drive your used items to a donation drop off point. That means less time in traffic for you! Email notifications also replace doorknob hanger reminders that cost money and resources, which means more aid to our charity, the VVA.

Step Three: Your Donations get Picked Up. Done!

Just place your unwanted belongings on the curb in front of your house or apartment in a box labeled "for VVA", and we'll do the rest! We accept toys, clothes, and much more. Our professionals pick up the items as though it were other curbside recycling. Your items are now part of a recycling economy that's better for the earth and your local economy, and helps support Vietnam Veterans of America as well.

Free Donation Pick Up Throughout California operates in many areas throughout the state of California! If you live in California, it's likely that we have driven through your neighborhood or picked up your donations in the past. We love serving Californians, a hard-working people who are committed to helping the veterans that serve our country and caring for the beautiful land that we live in.

Recycling: Beyond Paper, Plastic, and Metal

It's easy to forget that donating clothes and used items is an essential part of recycling. Many cities provide residents with bins to recycle paper, plastic, and metal -- but donating goods is an even better way to recycle! According to the American Enterprise Institute, Americans have been donating over $300 billion since 2006, a number that has grown every year for the past fifty years.

Donating to the VVA through is a form of giving that some argue is even better than a straight monetary gift. By giving your unwanted belongings, you are supporting the VVA while preventing items from being wasted in a landfill.

Furthermore, recycling your used belongings promotes recycling in general. On average, Americans recycle only about a third of their waste material. Give To Veterans knows that Americans can and want to recycle more; thinking about donating as a form of recycling encourages others to do the same!

We Accept Almost All Donation Items!

Give To Veterans can accept a wide variety of used item donations. Stuff you don't want anymore, we most likely do! In our line of our work, we know that one person's trash can be another person's treasure. You may think that no one would dare touch your childhood etch-a-sketch or try on your old high school prom dress. We know better! A new person in need can give an old product new life.

We accept clothing, small appliances, toys, dishes, and much more! The only things we can't take are furniture items and appliances, old-style tube TVs and Monitors, and certain chemicals. You can see more detailed lists of what we accept and don't accept in the side bar of this page.

So the next time you think about trashing a product you're done using, stop for a moment and ask whether someone else could still get some joy out of it. More likely than not the answer is yes! Drop the item in a cardboard box labelled "for VVA" and pretty soon you'll have it filled up and ready for pickup.