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Veterans at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Vietnam Veterans of America

"Never again will one generation of veterans abandon another."

Every donation through helps bring aid and comfort to US Veterans and their families. The VVA helps veterans of all wars!

Your generous support has enabled us to continue the vital programs we sponsor for veterans in your area. VVA has found the most profitable way to sell donated household discards is through bulk purchase agreements with private retailers.

About the VVA

The Vietnam Veterans of America is a not-for-profit corporation founded in 1978 that works to support ALL US veterans and their families (not just Vietnam veterans). Currently, most of the VVA's work is done with Gulf War vets. They are one of the oldest veterans charities in the United States, and give aid to thousands of our troops each year.

VVA History

The VVA has over 65,000 members organized into 650 local chapters and 48 state councils. Advocacy ranges over every major issue affecting US Veterans and their families.

In the late 70s, it became clear that Vietnam groups hadn't taken into account urgent issues affecting Veterans that had to be addressed on a national level. Even after lobbying Congress, placing persuasive editorials in major publications, and putting bills before the House and Senate, no major legislation was passed to support Vietnam Vets. The problem? Veterans groups had no political influence, and political influence would come from a large membership base in a national organization. In 1979, the Council of Vietnam Veterans became the Vietnam Veterans of America, made of and for Vietnam vets.

VVA Highlights

  • The Vietnam War Memorial was opened to the public in November 1982 with over a week of ceremonies -- the Vietnam War was too important to forget.
  • The VVA founded the Vietnam Veterans of America Legal Services (VVALS) in 1983. This legal assistance program serves to advocate on behalf of veterans, especially in cases where their benefits are being denied.
  • Congress granted the VVA a national charter, recognizing its beneficial advocacy for veterans.
  • The VVA has achieved numerous legislative victories, which according to the VVA include:
    • The establishment and extension of the Vet Center system;
    • Passage of laws providing for increased job-training and job-placement assistance for unemployed and underemployed veterans
    • Passage of laws assisting veterans suffering from Agent Orange exposure
    • Landmark legislation (i.e., Judicial Review of Veterans Claims) permitting veterans to challenge adverse VA decisions in court.

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