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A free, simple, and privacy-guaranteed donation pick up service in California that helps support Vietnam Veterans of America.

Our email notification service and personal donation pickups make supporting US Veterans easier than ever before. was built to make it easy for people to donate their unwanted belongings while benefitting US Veterans. Proceeds from our donation pick up service go directly to the Vietnam Veterans of America charity organization. We send out email notifications when our donation pick up trucks are in your area, making it easy to donate your used clothing, kitchenware, appliances, toys, and more. Our email notification system is a step above the last generation of notification methods, such as phone calls that interrupt your dinner or door-hangers that waste resources and get swept away by the wind. In addition, our organization can offer personal, scheduled pick ups if one of our regular pick up times doesn't work for you.

Supporting Vietnam Veterans of America

The VVA was founded in 1978 under congressional charter to be the nation's official advocate and servant for veterans and their families of the Vietnam-era. Since then, they have grown to host councils in 650 locations and have state-level organizations in nearly every state of the union. Besides lobbying on behalf of Vietnam-era soldiers, they also work to better the lives of current soldiers and future veterans. Their programs help veterans connect and receive their benefits, improve the perception of veterans in the public eye, account for prisoners of war and those missing in action, and much more. To read more about the VVA, visit our about VVA page or the official website. Tell them sent you!

Promoting Donations for a Healthier Earth

Americans on average recycle only about a third of their waste material. That means two-thirds of all waste material you generate goes to the trash! wants to see a world where landfills are an artifact of the past. It's our mission to help Americans bring that recycling number to 50% of their waste. That would mean that millions of tons more material would get reused rather than thrown away.

We've discovered that one of the most important aspects of recycling is donating used belongings. But most folks don't think of donating as recycling! Most cities provide recycling bins to residents, but not for unwanted belongings like toys, clothes, kitchenware, and blankets. But these items have utility and continued value even after you're done with them. Give to Veterans was created to address this missing infrastructure and help "rebrand" used item donations as a form of recycling!

Serving the Local Economy.

We serve the California area and economy. All of your donated items given through our pick up service are used to help California residents and create jobs in the Golden State. Using our service helps bring used goods to your neighbors, creates local jobs, and helps US Veterans who keep our state safe from harm.